A small F.A.Q. for the  Category Menus script (provided by the author):

Q1: How do I add more menus?

A1: This is easy! Add more titles and submenus with the same syntax as 
the previous ones. The id:s should be  title0/submenu0, title1/submenu1, 
title2/submenu2 etc. It's important to change the value of the nummenus 
variable. Due to my sloppy coding, this must be one greater than the 
larges number X in titleX/submenuX.

Note: A lot of people forget the numbers of the opened/closed pictures.  
Don't do that!

Q2: The submenus come out on top of the following title. How do I solve 

A2: The syntax is toggle(X,move), where the move value tells the script 
how far (in pixels) you want to push down the objects below. Increase 
this value and it'll probably work.

Q3: Can I have a title work as a direct link?

A3: Just use this syntax:

<div class="title" id="titleX" style="top: YYpx;">
<a href="yourlink.html"Your link<img src="closed.gif" border="0"></a>

<div id="submenuX"></div>

The submenu id is absolutely necessary to get the script to work properly.

Q4: Is there a way to add another level of submenus?

A4: No! Of course there is, but that would be a totally different script 
and I haven't made one. 

Q5: Can I have more than one submenu open at a time?

A5: There is another script on the author's site that functions like this:


If you use one of my scripts, I'd like to put up a link to it. Please
send me the url by email: fredrik@fridsten.net